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Multiple Accounts, Single Sign-on

Dear Valued Customer
It is now possible for you to access the various accounts (call, tenured, coral and stock-broking) you maintain with the different companies within the FSDH Group
(FSDH Merchant Bank Ltd, FSDH Asset Management Ltd and FSDH Securities Ltd) using a single sign on (UserID and Password) chosen by you. To do this, you need to carry out the four step process shown below:
New Registration
(a) Choose a unique ID and Password
(b) Register the ID and Password
(c) Supply other personal details (e.g e-mail address)
(d) Register the Accounts (Call, Tenored, Coral, Stock-broking) you want to manage by supplying the Account ID and Password (supplied to you when you opened the account).
Contact your account officer or Call 2704884 - 5 if you have forgotten or do not know the UserID and Password for your account(s)
Please note that this registration is done only once - the first time you sign on for this service.
To register for this service now, please click on the 'Register' button below:

Click here to group now!

Those Already Registered Sign on to Access Your Account or to Modify your Profile. For those who have registered as described above, kindly sign-on below to view your account information
(balances, statements, valuations, etc). If you also want to modify your grouping (add or remove accounts), also sign-on below and click on the 'Login' Button.

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Help Line

If you encounter any problem with this process kindly contact us on 2704884 - 5

Within the FSDH group we are faced with an increased incidence of clients paying cheques/cash into our various bank accounts (at IBTC-Chartered Plc, Skye Bank Plc and GTBank Plc) without informing anyone in the FSDH group of such lodgments. This situation is creating an increase in reconciliation problems.

If you have made such a payment in the past, please contact any member of the FSDH Group with a copy of the relevant bank teller. This will enable us to ensure that your account or investment can be appropriately credited with the proceeds which may still be outstanding.

Going forward, please ensure when you make a payment directly into any of the FSDH Group accounts that;
1. The document/teller you complete at the bank bears the name in which your account/investment is registered with us (rather than the name of the person sent to the bank to make the lodgment) and
2. You contact your counter party in the FSDH Group to advise that the payment has been made and forward a copy of the relevant bank teller.

We would greatly appreciate your compliance with this procedure as it will enable us to serve you, our valued clients, better.

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